Tips for technology hiring managers

The strong demand for highly skilled and qualified professionals in the technology sector is making life more difficult for hiring managers.

Even so, building a dream team is within reach.

With the swirl of competition for skilled workers, decision makers must implement new strategies to attract and hire top talent and build out teams that fit in and thrive with the company culture. Having the right people in place is one thing, keeping them around for the long-term is another proposition. A team culture that fosters continued growth of every member is one that both attracts and retains the best people.

A strong company culture is one that also values an educated and always-advancing workforce. People will want to stay if they are surrounded by managers and leadership who show a genuine interest in their continued growth. So, it’s incumbent on companies to express this value by providing education training that moves people forward and upward.


Recruit and engage the right people

When hiring managers identify candidates who are qualified, they must engage them quickly. Early in the process, the employer should share value proposition information with them. This is an effective tool to expose candidates to the company culture.

Keep in mind, good candidates are inundated by so many different companies and so many different recruiters. It’s the hiring manager’s challenge to cut through all the other signals and connect.


Keep interview process moving quickly

The window to make an offer is significantly shorter than in previous times. Everything can move so much more quickly, and potential candidates have shorter attention spans given the market’s job balance.

As technology companies look to bring on candidates as quickly as possible, the process can be bogged down by calendaring and scheduling. Hiring professionals must find solutions to any possible delays that can get in the way of landing a top recruit. The last thing they want is to miss out on someone who would make invaluable contributions to the team and company culture.


Stay current with salary demands

Companies will stay ahead if they remain salary competitive with the market. The fact is that salaries have changed as businesses embrace remote work.

One tactic is to preempt the big players that come in and extend generous salaries that are common within the Bay Area or Southern California markets. With accurate salary data, companies can also extend a compelling offer to a dream candidate.


Skip the test

The screening and application process can be so thorough that it becomes arduous to anyone who applies.

Keep the process moving and maybe skip out on the test, assessments and evaluation. As tight as the talent market is, candidates are busy working and might not have time to engage in testing.

If you’re skeptical about waiving this step, consider that the following argument can be made: Candidates are doing their own type of assessment of employers during job search. Once managers gain perspective on the realities of today’s labor market, they can begin to shape an approach that most effectively and efficiently connects them with the brightest and most talented minds who have a desire and potential to grow exponentially alongside the company.

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