New Remote Employee? Optimize Onboarding-Assign an Ambassador

By: Evelyn Milani
Trusted Recruiting Expert for Technology Talent-It’s Who You Know
Published on February 8, 2021

Just like a first date, first impressions make a big impact- A new employee is formulating their opinion of the company and their new role from day one. Companies that at one time had never contemplated having a remote workforce now know that people can be highly productive working remote. As a recruitment and retention tool, remote or hybrid remote working arrangements will attract the best and brightest. However, from a manager’s perspective, the extra work making sure that the new employee has everything they need to come up to speed for those who lead teams in a smaller company environment or a company experiencing hyper-growth can be stressful and daunting.

Consider assigning a New Employee Ambassador for specific departments. A high performer with domain knowledge and a well-organized, repeatable process to help new employees onboard can ensure the smooth transition of new members for your team and take the pressure off. Moreover, you will be career-pathing leaders for your team! This Ambassador can also assist longtime employees as well-

Qualities to look for in a New Employee Ambassador:

Natural teacher and mentor

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Well-organized and resourceful

High level of department domain/job, company knowledge

Resources to provide for the New Employee Ambassador:

Documented new hire onboarding processes

Clear channel to use for extra help/escalations

Training on how to overcome obstacles in the work environment

Training on how to review a new employee’s tasks, work, etc and to provide helpful feedback

The pandemic has demonstrated that we are more flexible and adaptable to change than once suspected. Now, we can optimize the changes we have made in the work environment!

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