Inherent Competencies to Look For When Hiring for Your Start Up

It’s exciting to contemplate emerging innovation opportunities as a result of the challenges taking place in the world today. Telehealth, collaboration for cures, solutions for effective tele-work, and transformation of our education system are a few areas and there are many more to contemplate! Entrepreneurs look for opportunities to meet the need and solve a problem to ultimately make an impact.

In order to build a strong company to meet the need, solve a problem and make an impact, Founders should consider hiring for the following competencies:

Flexibility, adaptability– Can pivot on a dime, do whatever needs to be done, doesn’t get rattled when big changes happen.

Calm under pressure– Can think things through quickly and regardless of the situation, can keep their wits about them.

Learns quickly– Can come up to speed with very little hand-holding, “big-picture” and analytical thought process, applies the correct actions for positive results.

Cross-functional– Has skills in multiple areas as opposed to the desire to have a narrow focus.

Collaborative-┬áno “lone wolf-ism” or cowboys. Loves making things happen as a group.

It’s one thing to have a passion and an idea, it’s another to put a team around it to make it happen. Hiring the right people is a big part of the success of any company, especially a start up- Do-overs will set you back.

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