How to know if it’s time to make a tech career move

As the new year approaches, you may be spending some time reflecting on the past year, personally and professionally. The challenges of the past couple of years have driven home the importance of a fulfilling career and put employees in the driver’s seat of choosing a career on their terms. 

So, is it time to make a change? Whether you’ve been on the hunt for a new position or think you’re comfortable where you’re at, here are a few things to consider. 

Company culture: A lot of employees are revisiting what is truly important to them in the workplace and in teammates. The past couple of years have put a microscope on company culture and values and companies who don’t have an exceptional one are, understandably, losing great talent. Perhaps your needs have changed in what an ideal workplace looks like. Take some time to think about if yours meets your expectations.

Level of challenge: If you’ve been in your current position for a long time, you may be pretty comfortable. And while comfort is not necessarily a bad thing, many people confuse it for job satisfaction. Are you intellectually stimulated? Are you learning new things? Do you feel challenged by the work you do? If the answer to any of these is “no,” it may be time to look for bigger and better things.  

Review compensation: Many people stay in their jobs for so long that they don’t realize that they should be earning more than they are currently making. Especially in the tech industry, many great companies are willing to pay what you’re worth to hire and retain exceptional talent. It’s worth taking a look around at salaries of your current skillset to see if you’re being compensated accordingly. 

Career goals: Even if you’re in a good spot now, it’s always a good idea to have a clear vision of where you would like to go and if it’s with the company you’re currently with. If you can’t see yourself as part of the same team in five or 10 years, start dreaming of where you would like to be and then kick-off that search to make it happen. 

Gut-check: In general, are you excited about the work you’re doing or are you counting down the minutes until the end of the day rolls around? If you find yourself with a bad case of the “Sunday scaries” as the weekend winds down, this is a good indicator that something is off. And while sometimes this may be temporary, oftentimes it’s a good sign that it’s probably a sign to explore what else is out there. 

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