Optimize Your Career-A Three Week Series on the Value of a Mentor

By Evelyn Milani

A mentor is your trusted advisor who can help you make big career moves.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be sharing articles (two-minute reads) on the value of working with a mentor- how to find a mentor, how to be a mentor and how to “show your mentor love”.

Why? A tremendous percentage of the US workforce is retiring or contemplating retirement over the next couple of years. Our workforce is being transformed by up and coming Millenials, Gen X and Gen Y employees who are charged with navigating a complex, fast-changing business environment. Our 21st Century workforce has strong career values and motivators that may be different from past generations. Mentors can provide complementary perspectives that will enhance the creativity and business value our new workforce will bring. The synergies between mentors and our 21st Century workforce will optimize productivity, career satisfaction and the US’ ability to compete in a Global Economy.

Finding, engaging and working with a mentor does not have to be a formal, complex process. You do need to put thought into whom you select and how to engage and work with a mentor. We will be sharing practical tips on finding and working with a mentor geared to add value and optimize your career experience. Stay tuned!

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