Career Pathing- Retain Top Talent by Moving Them Up vs. Them Moving On!

By Evelyn Milani

Logical Career Paths Based on Competencies-A three-minute read

Smart companies keep their best people by career-acceleration. Career-pathing can help accelerate your employee’s career and help your company reduce turnover.

As a recruiter, I love to engage talent for a new position because someone was promoted. Talk about organic brand-building for the client’s company! Career-pathing in coordination with your HR team can help you retain your best staff, save time and headache by reducing turnover, and enjoy higher productivity when someone is promoted as opposed to on-boarding a new hire and bringing them up to speed.

The most successful companies cross-train employees and also set up a logical career ladder for employees based on the employee’s strengths and interests. I have enjoyed watching people start out on the service desk and grow into engineering-level positions. I have recruited key data entry operators who are now business intelligence developers. I have seen highly organized and efficient, tech-savvy Office Managers become high impact Project Managers and senior leaders. It is important to recognize the people who have the “will and the want” and possess both technical and interpersonal capabilities that align with future roles.

The key to successful career pathing is to align with HR and your employee in order to:

establish logical roles that map to your employee’s strengths and interpersonal qualities and roles the employee is interested in

establish the level of risk and responsibility you and the employee are willing to take on by assigning new challenges

align the correct cadence with the employee to take on new and challenging work; don’t push to hard to fast

establish follow up and check ins to ensure the employee has the training and support and is producing results

Here are some exciting and logical career paths for professionals based transferrable skills:

Technical Support to System Administrator and then on to DevOps, Site Reliability Engineer, Information Security Engineer

Data Entry Operator or Claims Analyst to Data Analyst and then on to Database Engineer, Data Scientist, Enterprise Data Warehouse Engineer

Administrative Assistant/Office Manager to Business Analyst and then on to Project Manager, Software Developer, QA, DevOps, I.T. Manager

Web Developer to DevOps and then on to Site Reliability Engineer, Database Engineer

Keep your best people by helping them grow throughout your organization!

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